Old Warehouse District, New Orleans

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I am a writer and avowed lover of New Orleans, especially the New Orleans Warehouse District. When I first moved to the District, I found that there was no central location for information about the area. I hope to remedy that with this blog, but rather than have one long, dry account of times, dates, when and where, this blog was also meant to serve as entertainment.  I hoped to provide not only a reference guide, but a good read also.

If you notice, there are stories that offer a range of topics along with much useful information to help the uninitiated find their way around the area. You will find a detailed map, a list of the most popular restaurants, bars, and hotels, among other things. I have also included street car routes, and some historical landmarks. To list all the historical sites in New Orleans would take an encyclopedia.

Hopefully you will find an interesting mix of humor and serious subject matter. I have tried to mix current events with an eclectic amount of essays, combined with the practical information about the Warehouse District.

As a professional photographer, I have also peppered this site with various pictures that I hope capture the essence of New Orleans. In fact, it is a subtle way of promoting my business, Mainstreet Productions, without confusing the true purpose of this site. Our business is website development , advertising, marketing, and promotion.

Being both a professional photographer and writer, this blog gives me the opportunity to engage in two endeavors that give me great joy. I sincerely hope this site proves useful and entertaining to you.

Jason Hutter